6" Grow Tent Ventilation Kits Hydroponics Filter Duct Silent Variable Speed Fan

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Bring life to your mellow plants in their grow tent or hydroponics system. Control the temperature and moisture levels to bring about optimal growing conditions. You could even use it as a quiet exhaust system in a room in your house.

Unless your plant comes from a dank swamp it will need some airflow in an enclosed space. Set the airflow to what you need. Turn the fans up or down to create the perfect growing temperature for your plants. Cooler or hotter. Moister or drier. The decision is yours.

This is great for smaller enclosed plant systems. You can use the flexible ducting for the highest quality results. Provide effective ventilation and exhaust out air. The ultra-quiet fan means you can even run it inside your home and barely notice it is running.

The activated carbon filter is environmentally green friendly and perfect for filtering the air coming out of your grow house. Remove all the unwanted odours and contaminants that come out of your enclosure.

Follow the easy-to-use instruction manual to get this installed within 4 minutes and 20 seconds. After a blazing fast installation, you can let this hydroponic ventilation kit do its work.

Key Features

Ventilation Fan

  • CE certificate
  • AU standard plug
  • Premium polycarbonate blade
  • High powerful efficiency
  • Free wind speed adjustment
  • PU rustproof cover
  • Noiseless

Activated Carbon Filter

  • Stainless steel mesh
  • Thick carbon bed
  • 15cm wide
  • Aluminum top and base
  • Fast and effective filtering

Aluminum Ducting

  • Fire-resistant
  • 10m Long and flexible
  • Three-layer aluminum foil
  • Easy to connect

Fan material: Steel and ABS

Filter material: Steel, aluminium and activated carbon

Ducting material: Aluminium foil

Enclosure: Polyurethane

Fan current: 0.47A

Power: 100W

Speed: 2550RPM

Fan Dimension: 28cm x 20cm

Filter Dimension: 22.5cm x 39.5cm

Colour: Black

  • 1x Ventilation Fan
  • 1x Filter
  • 1x Ducting
  • 1x Instruction Manual



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