Beekeeping Smoker Stainless Steel

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When you are harvesting honey, you have to inspect the hives, take out the hive frames, refill the feeders, and do a lot of other things that involve interaction with bees. During all of these processes, the bees can create a lot of problems as they can start flying towards your face or bite you.

To avoid such a situation and to make these processes easy, you can use a stainless steel bee smoker. The smoke makes the bees docile; thus, making it easy for you to proceed with processes. These smokers are exceptionally useful in many beekeeping processes.

The smoker is made of stainless steel material which saves it from getting damaged because of rust. It has a hand pump to control the amount of smoke from the smoker. To keep you safe from burn damage, the smoker also has a heat shield.
You can insert burning paper, wood, or some other smoky material for the application of the smoker. The use of a smoker is also very easy as well.

A smoker is an excellent tool that you can find in every beekeeper’s beekeeping tool. Thus, it is wise to have one of these in your beekeeping supplies.


  • High Quality Leather Blow
  • Stainless steel rust-proof body.
  • Heatshield to keep you safe from burning damage.
  • Easy operation.

 Smoker Size:

Large              30CM*10CM  
Medium         28CM*10CM
Small              26CM* 8.50CM



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