Eye Sling Hook Chain Connector Kit G80 WLL1.12T Caravan Trailer Connecting 2PCS

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You have a pallet of parts and you want them on the second level. Hook your hammerlock chain connectors up. Clip the eye sling hook to your pulley and off you go.

Knock the pin out of the hammerlock chain connector. Attach to your two anchor points. Hammer the pin back in. Easy to use and safe as well.

Drop forged. Heat treated. Great for using with heavy loads repeatedly. They are batch tested with magnaflux crack detection. They will hold up to your heavy and exacting uses.

You can lift loads of up to 1.12 tonnes of whatever you want. Hook it up with chains then get lifted. Rated to a breaking force of 4.48 tonnes.

You can even use them to help your bogged mate. Clip the sling hooks into their tow point then slow drag their car out of the mud. They will definitely owe you a few beers.

Key Features

  • Made with 35CrMo steel
  • Drop forged and heat treated
  • High strength and durable
  • Standard G80 WLL 1.12tonnes 
  • Zinc-plated safety spring lever lock
  • Powder coated finish
  • Protected from corrosion and wear
  • Professionally batch tested with 100% Magnaflux crack detection

Material: 35CrMo Steel

Grade: G80 Standard lifting

Rated working load limit (WLL): 1.12tonnes

Breaking force: 4.48 tonnes (4 times the WLL rating)

Sling hook diameter: 10mm

Chain connector diameter:8mm

Colour: Yellow

  • 2x 8mm Hammerlock Chain Connector
  • 2x 10mm Sling hook



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