Mountview Window Door Awning Canopy Outdoor Patio Sun Shield Rain Cover 1 X 1.5M

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Shade your doors and windows in style with our exquisitely built Awning. A great practical product essential for every household. It forms a comprehensive shade for your door or window providing you excellent protection against UV rays scorching sun heat abrupt rainfall hails and many more. A fine built product with a surface so elegantly textured it emblems your door and window with a distinctive touch of royalty and class a timeless design that embraces subtly. Apart from its sleeker appearance it also possesses excellent practicality the awning is specially designed to absorb impact noise generated by heavy rainfall to give you a peaceful experience. Featuring an intelligent curved design which smoothens the flow of falling water. Impeccably useful and amazingly stylish awning for your doors and windows.

To form a strong and firm grip our product is made of high-quality ABS and aluminium material. The entire structure is designed for greater stability and sustainability. It comes equipped with a heavy-duty PC panel which is tougher than tempered glass. It provides a clearer view and can also withstand the impact of up to 10kg object. It can effectively filter out UV rays and provides protection towards rainfall. The combination of aluminium and PC panel makes it highly resistant to rust and corrosion. ABS brackets provide added stability and durability. Once installed requires little or no maintenance.  

A peace it brings a shade it provides. Settle your awning order one now!

Key Features:

  • Strong and firm
  • Modern and practical
  • Curved outline
  • UV and rain protection
  • Strong construction
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple installation

Brand: Mountview

Material: PC

Bracket: ABS

Bar: Aluminium

Panel thickness: 5mm

Height: 28.5cm

Dimension: 1m x 1.5m

Colour: Black

  • 1x Mountview Window & Door Awning



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