Portable Manual Tyre Changer Bead Breaker Car 4WD Van Motorcycle 8"-18" Yellow

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Get a tyre changer to save some money or change a tyre in an emergency situation. You can use it on any flat surface. If you want to make it easier you can even bolt it into the floor.

With this tool in about ten minutes you can replace a tyre. You first loosen the tyre from the rim and then put the whole tyre on top of the tool and securely pry it off. To put a new tyre on you basically just do the opposite.

The cross shaped base makes your tyre replacing a lot more stable. It is made of thick steel so it can take a beating and just keep going.

You have to spend money to save money. Get this tyre changer learn a new skill and maintain your car yourself.

Key Features:

  • Fast tyre replacement tool
  • Well fit various tyres
  • Secure locking collar
  • Stable cross base
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Tough powder coated finish
  • Easy mount and demount  pry bar
  • Ergonomic lever
  • Easy to operate

Note: Fit within 7.5" light truck width or 3.5cm hub dia



Finished:Powder coated

Tyre rim:8" - 18"

Net weight:14.2kg

Dimension:95cm x 45cm x 37cm



1x Tyre Changer



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