Professional Bee Anti-theft Device Anti-escape Tablets Preventing Queen Bee Escaping Frame 2 PCS

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Bee Anti-theft device is a beekeeping tool made with galvanized iron to prevent queen bee from escaping and, it is used to stop the bee from escaping effectively. It has easy installation and proved to be suitable for all beekeepers. Moreover, it is quite useful to prevent the attack or chew of mice and squirrels in cold and fall seasons.

One of the soul purposes it serves is to stop your queen bee from stolen or escaping. This product is highly in demand by beekeepers. However, two pieces of this beekeeping tool will make your beekeeping easier and effective.

This product has high demand due to its galvanized iron material. We provide quality products to the beekeepers so they can use them beneficially.


  • 100% brand new and high-quality products.
  • Avoid swarming and ensure that your queen stays in the hive
  • 2 PCS



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