Traderight 22" Chainsaw Chain Blade Saw Replaceent Spare Chains Semi Chisel 2PCS

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You will be cutting through branches trees and wood faster with these square chisel-cut chainsaw blades. Spend less time cutting and more time relaxing in front of your fireplace.

Nobody enjoys sharpening chainsaw chains. The chrome plated surface will keep your chain sharper for longer. The oil grooves will also keep the chain cooler and in optimum condition.

When using a chainsaw always wear appropriate safety gear. It is an inherently dangerous task but it sure is fun too. Nothing quite like watching a tree fall and crash into the ground.

Chainsaw chains require regular sharpening with a chisel and ours are no different. You will have a safer and faster sawing experience if you sharpen this chain regularly.

Please make sure you measure which type of chain your chainsaw uses. We sell a variety of different sizes that suit most common chainsaw brands.

Key Features

  • Deep tooth for fluent sawing
  • Square chisel cut for fast sawing
  • Sharp steel platedwith chrome surface
  • Wear-resistance
  • Rapid heat dissipation
  • Toughrivet joints
  • Suitable for all kind of woods
  • Material: Steel


  • 22” Cutting capacity

Chain Pitch: 0.325 "

Chain Gauge: 0.058"

Drive Links: 85


  • 2x Chainsaw Chains



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