vidaXL Coir Rope 8-10mm 200m

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Our coir rope is ideal for tying trees, shrubs, branches and flowers in your garden or flower bed. Coir is derived from the fibres of coconut husks and is naturally strong, hardwearing and biodegradable. Use the garden rope as a natural solution for all your DIY projects! Please note: our rope is delivered in bundles of 100 metres each. Delivery includes 2 bundles of ropes.

  • Material: Coir
  • Length: 2 x 100 m
  • Diameter: 8-10 mm
  • Weather and tear resistant
  • Biodegradable
  • 1 bundle has a length of 100 metres
  • Delivery includes 2 bundles of ropes
  • Fabric: Coir: 100%



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