Brix Refractometer

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BRIX REFRACTOMETER Test your colostrum in a matter of seconds!

    • It is recommended that four litres of good quality colostrum is fed to a calf in the first 12 hours of life.
    • Brix refractometers are easy to use and the most practical method for on-farm assessment of the quality of colostrum.
    • A reading of over 22% or greater indicates good quality colostrum.
    • Supplied in a plastic carry case complete with a sampling pipette and instructions.


1. Using the included pipette, take a sample of the colostrum and place 1 or 2 drops on the prism only (1 drop for thick samples, 2 drops for thin samples).

2. Press down cover plate so that the sample spreads out over the prism.

3. The refractometer is then aimed towards a light source and, while looking, rotate the eyepiece until the scale comes into focus.

4. Read the level between the blue and white sections. This is the Brix reading of the sample (19-24%). Readings above is 22% indicates good quality colostrum.

5. Clean and dry prism after use.



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