Digital 18 Eggs Incubator Fully Automatic

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18 Eggs Incubator Turner Thermometer Kit


New Model: JN18S (Added automatic water adding device and day counter)

These simple and reliable egg incubators are perfect for the families and households that want to start incubating chickens, ducks and goose. The simplicity design and functions let the kids and family to learn the basics of incubating the chicks.

It features solid molded construction and all the built-in electronics you need, which automatically control temperature, and it also comes with a humidity alarm to warn you if there is any mishaps with the chicks. Packaged with the day counters and a full LED display with clarity, you can rest assure that they are in safe hands.



  • Automatic egg turning, turns eggs every 2 hours.
  • Temperature display, day counter display.
  • Air fan for even air temperature.
  • Transparent wall for easy for observation.
  • Includes automatic water adding bottle 320ml, which is advanced for family type mini incubator. It is easy and efficient.
  • With adjustable egg tray dividers, suitable for eggs of different sizes.
  • Made of quality new PP material and PC material, easy to clean.
  • New updated design, more accurate and steady.
  • Suitable for hatching almost all kinds of eggs, from small birds eggs to reptiles eggs to large goose eggs.
  • EU standard, CE approval.


SAA plug

Capacity: 18 chicken eggs (Depends on the size of the eggs)

product size: 38cm x 27cm x 19cm 

Material: PP+ABS

Net weight: 2.5kg


Egg Incubator X 1

SAA Plugs X 1

User Manual X 1



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