Milk Train 4 Teat Complete Lamb Feeder

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A great new feeder for lambs and kids. Total capacity is 4 litres. Feeders join together to make and 8 or 12 place feeder.


  • Modular
  • Joins together easily
  • Uses Excal Little Softy no leak teats
  • Has Excal intake elbow valves
  • Total 4 litre capacity
  • Individual 750 ml chambers
  • Can join together to make a 8 or 12 place feeder
  • Can nest with teats on
  • Replaceable rail hooks secures feeder to mot pipe or wood rails up too 38mm thick
  • Wall bracket available
  • Grower Black Teats are available to suit the 'Grower' lamb/kid teat is designed to replace our Little Softy (white) lamb/kid 'starter' teat (what comes with feeder) as the animals get stronger and start chewing the teats

EXCAL ‘Little Softy’ Replacement teats suitable for new-born lambs are available sold separately

EXCAL ‘Grower’ teats are available sold separately



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