Fido's Avitrol Plus Bird Wormer Syrup 25ml

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Avitrol Plus Syrup is a convenient and broad spectrum bird wormer which controls thread, caecal, round, gape, gizzard and important tape worms in caged birds.

Avitrol Plus Syrup is available in both syrup and tablet form. Avitrol Plus syrup can be added to your bird's drinking water or dosed directly to the bird's beak or crop.

For the treatment of Threadworm (Capillaria sp.), Caecal Worm (Heterakis sp.), Roundowrm (Ascaridia sp.), Gape Worm (Syngamus sp.) and Gizzard Worm (Acuaria sp.) and Tapeworm (Raillietina sp.) in ornamental caged brids.


Levamisole hydrochloride 10mg/mL, Praziquantel 2mg/ml.


Diluted in drinking water. 0.5ml (12 drops) to 20ml of water or 25ml/L. Use this as the sole source of drinking water for 24 hours, and feed only seed, then replace with fresh clean water. Administer two doses 14 days apart. Solution should be freshly made up before dosing. Repeat in 14 days with fresh solution. This provides a dose of 40mg/Kg bodyweight based on an average bodyweight of 30g and consumption of 5mL of liquid per day. In summer the dose should be reduced to account for increased water consumption, which may be double or more.

Do not feed birds 24 hours before or 3 hours after treatment. Treat all birds in the same loft or cage. Thoroughly clean and disinfect the loft or cage 3 days after treatment.



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