Friendly Rabbit Trap - 5 Pack

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The Friendly Rabbit Trap comes ready to be assembled (takes about 10 – 15mins to assemble all 5 traps).

The box contains the heavy duty chicken wire tube and plastic ends – one with a funnel and other a swing gate.

Catches rabbits alive. Used at entrance of burrow. Sold in carton of 5 traps

This live catch trap is used at the entrance of the burrows and has a self closing door.  It can catch up to 4 rabbits at a time.

Designed and made in Australia.  This trap is harmless to native animals and there are no baits or poisons required.  It does not harm the rabbit (or bruise the meat).  And it re-usable.

  • Australian Made
  • Easy to assemble
  • Harmless to native animals
  • Safe to use
  • Catch up to 4 rabbits in one setting
  • No baits or poisons required
  • Cost Effective
  • Re-usable
  • Effective for rabbits, feral cats and other burrowing animals

How to use the friendly rabbit trap:-

  • Place long end piece moulding (designed to fit most rabbit holes sizes) with the word 'top' in the uppermost position - the door will close by gravity.
  • Traps should be set at each burrow of warren, to be successful.

Sold in cartons of 5 traps.



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