Gigwi Dog Push To Mute Transparent Squeak Toy

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The Gigwi Regular Ball Push To Mute toy’s textured, ball-like design helps your dog's teeth and gums get a workout along with its body. The tough hard-wearing thermoplastic avoids having to replace the toy with a new one every time as it’s is both puncture-resistant and highly durable. The ingenious push/pull system transforms your Gigwi Push To Mute toy from a squeaky plaything to a regular (but still awesome) ball in seconds.

How It Works

The toy is designed like two medium and large sized balls connected together, making it the perfect play toy for a game of fetch and more.

Set the toy to squeak for extra excitement when caught or bitten simply by pulling the bottom strap, or play noise-free indoors by pushing the bottom strap back in to mute.

Key Features

  • Built-in pull-to-squeak, push-to-mute technology - turn it “on” or “off” as you like
  • Durable material, puncture-resistant - made to be carried in your canine's mouth
  • Textured surface for added entertainment 



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