Infrared Light and Heating Bulbs 175w Red

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  • Infrared Heat Bulbs are used for chicks whilst they are still young and in their first few weeks of life
  • Once chicks reach approximately 3-4 weeks (guide only), the bulb should be changed to the Infrared Light Bulb as they supply less heat (required at this stage in their life)
  • Infrared lamps (red light as opposed to white light) do not interrupt chicks sleeping. Red lamps also help reduce chickens pecking each other
  • Specifications

    • Brand: Philips
    • Wattage: 175
    • Voltage: 240V
    • Base Type: ES/E27
    • Unit Color: Ruby Cover
    • Colour Temperature: Red
    • Average Lifetime: 5000
    • Dimmable: Yes
    • Box Dimensions (L x W x H): 110mm x 110mm x 140mm
    • Weight: 0.38kg.



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