Whittet Kikuyu Seed Coated

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Extremely durable and drought tolerant rapid summer growth 

Whittet kikuyu is a spring/summer/autumn growing grass suitable for lawns, sporting fields, fairways, erosion control, dam walls and banks. Whittet shows rapid summer growth, good drought tolerance, supression of undersirable weeds and is very responsive to nitrogen fertiliser. Implementing good cultural practices such as grooming and the use of growth regulators during the summer months (when not under stress) will create a finer denser playing surface. For unirrigated areas, the minimum average rainfall required is 800 mm in order for Whittet to thrive.

  • Productive under heavy grazing
  • Responds well to good fertility
  • Very competitive against weeds
  • Very persistent perennial
  • Coated seed what protects each seedling during the vulnerable establishment stage

Soil type: Moderately drained loams to clay

Sow Rate
100g per 100sq
200g per 200sq 1/16 acre
500g per 500sq 1/8 acre
1kg per 1000sq 1/4 acre


Mowing heights are recommended at 25-50mm. Frequent mowing will keep thatch build-up to a reasonable level. It is essential for best results to maintain adequate moisture in the seed bed

    Due to quarantine restrictions, we do not ship seeds to Western Australia or Tasmania 



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