Lamb Feeding Bucket With Grower Teats

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This Lamb Feeder 6-place feeding bucket using our EXCAL ‘Grower’ teats. These are easily and quickly removed for cleaning, or to replace teats. 

Bucket capacity 11 litres.

Big easy-to-fill bucket simply slips down over a suitable rail to be secure. Six EXCAL ‘Grower’ teats (three each side) our EXCAL ‘Grower’ teats - more suitable for kids and stronger lambs. NB: The teats in this feeder are not suitable for young lambs, or for newborn kids. Lambs should be 1-2 weeks old, and kids at least a few days old. Teats are easily interchanged

EXCAL ‘Little Softy’ teats suitable for new-born lambs are available sold separately

EXCAL ‘Grower’ Replacement teats are available sold separately



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