Nilstress Anti Stress Supplement 1kg

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High ambient temperature coupled with high humidity is guaranteed to have a major impact on animal performance. Heat stress does not only reduce animal’s performance, but worse may lead to death of animals. Moreover, reduced performance will adversely affect farm productivity and profit in the long run.

Supplementing Nilstress in drinking water helps alleviate effects of heat stress and other forms of stress and provide animals with following advantages:

a. Improves survivability of birds under heat stress

b. Enhances weight gain and maintain optimum feed conversion ratio even at time of stress

c. Helps maintain body fluid, thereby avoiding dehydration

d. Maintain normal feed intake and prevent vitamin deficiency problems

e. Improves egg production and hatchability for layers and breeders

f. Aids in maintaining minerals (electrolytes) transportation and retention during heat stress

g. Enhances immunity and maintains healthy condition of the animals

Directions for use

Poultry: Dissolve 100 g per 200 L water.

Swine: Dissolve 100 g per 300 L water.

Sheep: Administer 2-5 g via drinking water per animal per day.

Cattle: Administer 5 g via drinking water per animal per day.

Foals - Administer 1 g per animal per day.

Mares, Stallions, Race Horses - Administer 2 g per animal per day.

Storage Recommendation

Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct heat and sunlight.



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