Ranvet Neutrolene

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Ranvet Neutrolene Neutralises Excess Lactic Acid In The Blood And Muscle, And Aids In The Treatment And Prevention Of Dehydration, Acidosis And Myopathy/ Tying Up. Specifically Formulated For Performance Horses, Ranvet Neutrolene Improves Recovery Rate Following Strenuous Exercise, Restores Depleted Reserves Of The Most Common Bodily Alkali, Sodium To Neutralise Acid Build-Up. Ranvet Neutrolene Also Balances Blood Ph For Optimum Performance.

• Rapid utilization and acid neutralization improves recovery rate following strenuous exercise
• Restores depleted reserves of the most common bodily alkali, sodium
• Supplies adequate body alkalines to neutralize acid build-up
• Balances blood pH for optimum performance
• May be dosed immediately following hard work
• Able to be used in conjunction with standard daily electrolyte supplementation of Ranvet’s Salkavite



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