Roban Rodenticide Blocks

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The revolution in Rodent control ROBAN has arrived, brings you the latest formulation which not only controls species resistant to the common Brodifacoum, Bromadiolone and Wafarin based baits but is MUCH SAFER for your Cats and Dogs.

In a nutshell a Dog will have to consume its own body weight in baits to receive an LD50 fatal dose, a Cat twice its body weight in baits.

Secondary Poisoning rates are very low as you can see on the link below.

It is still very effective against Rodents, 1 feed is sufficient kill mice and rats.

Contains the bittering agent Bitrix to prevent accidental consumption by children.

ROBAN is manufactured using food-grade wheat flour blended with chopped wheat, oats and milk protein, held together with edible waxes. ROBAN wax blocks offerer an exceptional all-round product, ideal for use in many situations and very palatable for the rodents.



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