Roban Rodenticide Paste 240g

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Roban Rodenticide Paste Bait Sachets is a ready-to-use for the control of brown or Norway rats and mice, including those resistant to other anticoagulants. For use in and around buildings.

General Instructions: 
The baits are ready to use - do not unwrap individual baits. Rats and mice will chew through the wrapper. Roban Rodenticide Paste is a higly palatable cereal based all-purpose rodenticide containing the advanced anticoagulant, difenacoum, which is equally effective against rats and mice, including strains resistant to some other anticoagulants. 

ROBAN based on Difenacoum is one of the newest anticoagulants to the Australian market - Lethal on rodents and safer to non target species in the environment. 100 times less toxic to Dogs than Brodificoum anticoagulant and less secondary poisoning issues occur when using ROBAN
See container for more specific instructions.

Each tub contains 16 x 15g bait sachets.
Net Contents: 240g

Active Constituent:

0.05 g/kg DIFENACOUM



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