40cm Soil Thermometer Compost Garden Ground Stainless Steel 0-90deg Fertilizer

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Take the guesswork out of composting with your compost thermometer. Know exactly when to add water turn the compost over add more scraps and when it is finally done. Master composting to master gardening.

Know exactly what the temperature of the soil is with your soil probe. Measure accurately from 0° Celsius all the way up to 90° Celsius. Designed for rugged outdoor use.

Just poke you compost pile thermometer straight into the compost and take a quick reading. Wipe it off afterwards to keep it in pristine condition for years to come.

They tell you to plant in late spring. What they really mean is wait until the soil is a certain temperature. Check the soil yourself so your seeds germinate perfectly every time.

Other brands use cheap steel that rusts easily. 403 Stainless Steel is the perfect match for a compost soil thermometer. Just the right blend of rustproofing and temperature resistance.

Successful composting requires heat, air and moisture, otherwise the decomposition process will start producing an unpleasant smell and substances which are hazardous to health. The compost thermometer allows you to monitor the temperature during the rotting process in the course of time.

The probe made of high-quality stainless steel can be easily inserted into the compost and has a practical length of 40 cm. For a particularly good overview, insert the thermometer into the compost at different points and measure the respective temperature.

Delivery contents Thermometer
Material Stainless steel
Dimensions (L) 51 x (B) 51 x (H) 410 mm
Diameter work 51 mm
Weight 46 g



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