Solo 3 in 1 Sprayer Nozzle

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Solo offers a brilliant 3 in 1 nozzle attachment for any Solo sprayer. This product is a great addition to your sprayer as it allows the option of changing the pressure and area cover of the water or chemicals you wish to use.

The 2 main features of the 3 in 1 nozzle are as follows:

  • Multi-patterned spray nozzle (Jet stream, Flat spray and Mist)
  • Fits ALL Solo sprayers

if you have delicate plants or flowers, why not try using the handy mist setting to avoid any and all damage done by the pressure of the sprayer. If you require a fair bit of concentrated pressure, then the jet setting is for you.


Recommended for the following sprayers:

  • 408, 409, 453, 414
  • 461, 462, 463
  • 456, 457
  • 425, 425LC
  • 473D, 475



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