Star Post Snap Lok 100pk

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A simple yet intelligent product for rural fencing. It works by clipping any top or bottom wire onto steel pickets / posts.

Why it can make your fences last a lot longer:

1. The enemies of a long standing fence is a wire being over tensioned. The elasticity will wear out and break if you bring it to its maximum tension. Snaploks optimize the natural elasticity of the wire without having it over-tensioned.

2. Snaploks act as a whole barrier. In the event that a tree would fall on a fence, the wire would still be free running so the greater tension is taken by the wire from strainer post to strainer post.

3. Snaploks help eliminate rust points on the fence line over time. As Snaploks make the wire free running and not tied onto another wire, steel to steel contact is avoided. No rust point on the fence line means fence will remain strong.



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