WSD Keymin 20L

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WSD KEYMIN is a broad spectrum mineral supplement for ruminant livestock and is an aid in managing selenium, cobalt or copper deficiencies.

Type of Preparation WSD KEYMIN is a solution to be added to water or administered orally containing chelated mineral nutrients. Indications To correct imbalances or deficiencies of minerals in cattle, sheep and goats.

The use of chelated minerals ensures their availability to the animal when administered orally. A high quality supplement to be administered on an intermittent basis in water or dosed orally when:

• a deficiency of one or more minerals might be expected or

• to aid in digestion by rumen microbes when fodder low in one or more inorganic nutrients is being consumed by sheep, cattle or goats.

Milking Sheep, Dairy Cattle & Dairy Goats: Suitable for use in animals producing milk for human consumption. Dosage Always refer to the label. The dose rate is according to body weight range. This product may be added to drinking water so that animals are dosed at the label rate or is suitable for injection into stock water supplies by metered devices. If mixed with water, it is preferable to administer the required dose over 2 to 3 days until the recommended total average dose is received by each individual animal. Further doses may be indicated at intervals of 2 to 4 weeks during the period when supplementation is required. Advice On Use

• WSD KEYMIN should be administered undiluted when drenching sheep, cattle or goats.

• WSD KEYMIN is used to supplement the diet of ruminants, particularly on mature dry feed, when moderate to high levels of grain are being fed, or when grass pastures are growing rapidly.

• This product should not be administered at a rate greater than recommended on the label.

• If this product is added to water there is no need to train or adapt animals to consuming WSD KEYMIN.

• It is recommended that WSD KEYMIN should not be mixed with other oral drenches. Do NOT mix with preparations containing levamisole

• Goats may be dosed at the same rate as sheep.

• Care should be exercised if copper bullets have been administered or if livestock are grazing plants likely to cause liver damage.

• WSD produces a range of mineral supplements for different purposes and situations including WSD KEYMIN, WSD FACTOR G and WSD HYTONE. 





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