Black Hawk Dog Food Adult Fish & Potato

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Black Hawk Dry Dog Food Is Wholesome Balanced And Nutritious Food With Real Ingredients

  • Complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs of all breeds
  • Delicious and highly nutritious to promote optimal health 

Quality Ingredients

  • Contains high quality, natural ingredients
  • Fish is high Omega 3 + 6 fatty acids 

Skin and Coat Health

  • Rich in omega fatty acids to promote healthy skin and shiny coat

Digestive Health

  • Peppermint has proved to be a digestive aid

Sustained Energy

  • Brown rice provides slow-release carbohydrates and fibre for sustained energy release and to keep dogs feeling satisfied between meals
  • Designed for dogs that are less energetic, or prone to weight gain

Muscle Health

  • High quality protein source which encourages lean muscle development
  • Naturally low in fat to encourage an ideal body composition 



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