Giantz 62cc Petrol Brush Cutter Whipper Saw Trimmer 2 Stroke 3-in-1 Wheel

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Taming tough weeds and heavy grass. Checked. Trimming low grass. Checked. Sawing through thin tree trunks. Checked. The Giantz 3-in-1 Pro Series Wheel Trimmer is simply amazing in getting your yard looking prim and proper without breaking your back. Or a big hole in your wallet.
Powered by a hardworking 62cc 2-stroke petrol engine with a maximum speed of 11,000rpm, and running on 12" all-terrain wheels for easy manoeuvring and good traction, our 3-in-1 Wheel Trimmer combines three cutting action into one awesome machine.
The Tri-blade Cutter takes down tough weeds and thick grass with absolute ease. Nothing gets in its way. Switch over to the Bump Feed Head and it's just perfect for trimming low grass without straining your back, and maintaining neat yard edges without damaging fencing or garden skirting. And each time, the line snaps, just tap the head on the ground for the reserve line to extend out, ready for use. Finally, with the Circular Saw Blade, you can effortlessly saw through knotty bushes and thin tree trunks without the need to get specialized tools for the tasks. Plenty of savings there.
At just 11kg, the Wheel Trimmer is lightweight and easy to control with easy access to all switches (stop and throttle control) from its soft-padded and slip-proof handle. Not least, its durable solid metal frame promises many years of reliable use.
With the Giantz 3-in-1 Wheel Trimmer, you can certainly look forward to an easier time grooming the yard to your satisfaction in more ways than one. Order yours today.

Suitable for thin trunk, heavy grass and low grass trimming
Exclusive well balanced auxiliary rear wheel
Powerful 62cc 2-stroke engine
Easy recoil starting system
Lightweight easy operation
Solid Metal frame construction
Easy access to switches
Soft padded and slip-proof handle

Brand: Giantz
Engine type: 2-Stroke
Displacement: 62cc
Transmission: Automatic centrifugal clutch
Starting method: Recoil Pull Start
Idle Speed: 3,300RPM
Max. Speed: 11,000RPM
Fuel Mix: 25:1 (25 parts of fuel to 1 part 2-stroke oil)
Fuel Type: Regular Unleaded 95+ RON
Fuel Tank Capacity: 1250ml
Attachments: Cutting saw blade, 3-tooth blade, bump feed trimmer head

Package Content
Giantz brush cutter x 1
User manual x 1


This product comes with 1 year warranty



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