Lamb Feeder Rail Bucket 10-place

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This 10-place lamb and kid feeding rail bucket is a big strong bucket with a 20 litre capacity. The teats are our own EXCAL ‘Little Softy’ white teats suitable for new-born lambs giving easy milk flow but without leaking, even when bucket is full. Rail hooks will suit any rail up to 40mm (1½”) thick. This feeder is supplied standard with EXCAL ‘Grower black teats, suitable for 1-2 week old lambs. For feeding new-born lambs or kids the teats should be changed to more soft EXCAL ‘Little Softy’ teats white.

EXCAL ‘Little Softy’ teats suitable for new-born lambs are available sold separately

EXCAL ‘Grower’ Replacement teats are available sold separately



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