River Chicken Heating Plate With Cover

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River Systems has developed a new heating plate, ideal for chicks up to 20-25 days old, which supplies the necessary warmth normally provided by the hen in the early delicate stages of life.

Thanks to the special patented heating technology and the registered design, the River heating plate generates constant and well-distributed heat over its entire surface: in all comparative tests carried out so far by River Systems, chicks from different hatches always preferred it to other traditional heating plates.

The river heating plate benefits from an innovative technology that makes it particularly efficient and extremely fast in reaching the temperature of use. It is also safe as it can never reach temperatures dangerous for the chicks. To be used indoors.

River model 700 Dimensions: 305×230 mm, capacity 20 (max.25) chicks

CALEO heating plate details

  • Design: makes River heat plate easy to clean thanks to the mirror-polished surface
  • Adjustable height: from 30 to 160 mm from the ground, it can be determined thanks the graduated scale on the four legs;
  • Power supply included: this is powered at 15 volts and 15 watts
  • Covering: covered by a registered design, it is supplied as an optional; it is recommended to keep the plate clean and to reduce energy consumption.
  • Insulation panel: inserted into the frame of the heating plate;
  • Radiant heating plate: with patented technology
  • Made in Italy



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